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Quantum’s Erica Gruen leads MusEdWorks which develops apps to enable music-making

June 19, 2016

Erica Gruen recently joined with Dr. Alex Ruthman, Director, NYU Music Experience Design Lab and Associate Professor of Music Education and Music Technology in the Department of Music and Performing Arts Professions at the Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development at New York University, to co-found MusEDWorks, Inc.

MusEDWorks is commercializing a set of apps and tools from NYU Steinhardt to lower the barriers to creative expression and enable music-making for all, as well as providing design and consulting services to arts and education organizations looking to expand audience access and engagement.

The company launched MathScienceMusic.org at the Department of Education on April 26, where Prof. Ruthmann was joined by Secretary of Education John King, jazz legend Herbie Hancock and others to promote this new site for educators as part of International Jazz Day.

The event received extensive press coverage, including in the NY Daily News, USA Today and the Washington Post. Twitter coverage included this tweet from Julian Lennon.

MusEDWorks’ upcoming projects include music design consulting with the New York Philharmonic; an ‘Internet in a box’ developed in the MusEDLab that brings WiFi to urban classrooms without WiFi, with proprietary music content pre-loaded; and many others.

The Steinhardt School of Education at NYU is also making a major new commitment to student and faculty entrepreneurship in ed tech with its own exciting announcements very soon, in which MusEDWorks will have a prominent role.

Gruen also continues operating her media and entertainment consulting services as part of the Quantum Media group.

Quantum Media is Featured in the latest LumaScape on Knowledge Companies

May 20, 2016

“Digital media and marketing is a complex, dynamic and often convoluted space. Understanding the ecosystem is essential for all constituents from marketers to agencies, publishers, tech intermediaries and investors,” writes the strategy consultancy about its latest map. Quantum Media is very pleased to be included in their latest illustration of significant consulting firms.

Lemcke, Quantum Principal, Launches Beta For GoKid, New Carpool App

May 16, 2016

GoKid announced the open beta release of their family carpool app in the App Store in May. GoKid is a productivity app facilitating carpooling for parents, helping to drastically reduce traffic and emissions. GoKid will allow parents to easily set up free shared rides for their children, with drivers they know and trust—fellow parents. The app includes automated invitations and route plotting, family accounts, in-app notifications and automatic alerts.

Founded by Quantum Principal Stefanie Lemcke, she came up with the idea shortly after moving from the city to a Connecticut suburb with her family.“Everyone wins with GoKid, fewer cars on the road means less traffic and emissions for the whole community, and parents gain valuable time.” says Lemcke.

The app not only to facilitates easy integrated scheduling and creates more time in the lives of busy parents, but it also encourages more people to carpool, thus saving money, improving air quality and decreasing traffic congestion by reducing the number of vehicles on the road.

GoKid Home Page
GoKid Home Page

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